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About Howard Rose, Jr.

Howard Rose, Jr. is a Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach Candidate, Licensed, Ordained Minister, Master Life Coach and International Ambassador For Peace. 

Through his successes and failures, Howard uncovered a treasure trove of tools essential for retraining the mindset to live a profoundly successful and fulfilling life.

The fact that he has also lived out of his purpose as a musician, composer, author, poet, pastor, and entrepreneur, only marries opportunities with experience in a way that proves, more often than not, to open him up to learning more about the ever-growing thought process.

Though he has published a multiplicity of titles to date, his flagship writings on the model thought replacement program, Success Thoughts, has proven itself to be effective with people of all ages and stages in life.

In addition to his studies in behavioral health, Howard is a candidate for a BS in Digital Filmmaking. He is happily married to his wife of 11 years - Patience Rose. They share a wonderfully blended family of seven children and eight grandchildren.

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Live the life you want in your thoughts and emotions!

The Secrets of Anger

How to overcome its destructive effects!

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How to handle Godly separation and find more of your authentic self!

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