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Patience Rose Clinician

Provider - Practitioner

NPI #: 1679175921 

Dr. Patience Jackson Rose, MBA, CNC, NHC 

DNM and PhD Candidate  - Health Science and Natural Medicine, Certified Nutritional Consultant & Coach, Natural Health Consultant, Relaxation Therapist, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach, Certified Performance and Productivity Coach, Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Certified Meditation Coach, Licensed & Ordained Minister

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Howard Rose, Jr. 

Cognitive Behavior Coach, Thought Replacement Specialist, Relationship Coach, Workshop Facilitator

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Howard Rose, Practitioner

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Tori Aldridge

 "...systematic, transformative...  helps you achieve life-altering results."

Innocent Victor

"My wife and I are blessed to have such a counselor and leader in our lives."

Markesha Tisby

"My sessions with her are invaluable. I feel like my success is her success."

Jason Spangler

"... has transformed my goals and set forth a movement that’s changed my life for the better."

Curtis Jackson

”Unequivocally one of the best resources in the metroplex ...helps you grow  personally and professionally.

Reggi Sturns Kemp

".... pulling your purpose to the forefront and helping you realize your dreams."

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