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About Patience Rose 

Patience Rose is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, PhD and Doctoral candidate in Natural Health Science and Quantum Medicine.  She holds degrees, licenses and certifications in the creative therapies (music, art, and dance), Relaxation Therapy, Natural Health Consulting, Nutrition, Life, Entrepreneurship, Value and Legacy Coaching. Having also been licensed and ordained as a minister, she has been awarded the prestigious international position of Ambassador For Peace.

Patience obtained her BFA in Music with Independent Study in Music Therapy and matriculated to UOP to pursue an MA in Special Education. After seeing many years of results from her efforts in Special Education, Music Therapy and Behavior Health, she went on to study the effects of nutrition on disease and wellbeing. She continued to obtain 14 certifications in natural health, nutrition, and cognitive behavior therapies. To ensure that she had the business acumen to run a multinational organization, she continued on to pursue and obtain an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington College of Business.  

Her recognition awards for humanitarian service on a local level have served to fuel the compassion inside her which has resulted in the establishment of RED Worldwide, Inc. - a multinational organization incorporated in 2017 that expanded its mission to to found Abiding Health Systems by RED, Coaching Central by RED, RED Media Group, RED Development Institute, REAL Academy Prep by RED, and RED Ink Publishing.

Through her proven and perfected processes, Patience now enables those with whom she works to not just live lives worth living but to maintain an enduring quality of life as well!

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